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Making a Will Glasgow LawyerWriting a will lets you communicate what you want to happen to your property, money and possessions after you die. A will can give you peace of mind about the future and can make a difficult time much easier on your family. You can contact our friendly lawyers by calling 0141 280 2922 or you can contact us online.

It can be very difficult to plan for how your property and possessions should be distributed after you die. This might be something you don't want to think about and it can be very hard to talk to our families about things like this. However, arranging a will now can save your loved ones added distress and uncertainty when you die.

We appreciate that the prospect of discussing a time when you are no longer here may feel strange. That is why we provide comprehensive, confidential and pragmatic advice, aimed at giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your wishes will be clearly communicated to those you leave behind.

The team at Family Law Glasgow have developed a great deal of experience in helping people to arrange what is to happen with their property when they pass away. We regularly advise our clients on executry and estate matters and can help you to draft a will that clearly communicates your wishes.

Cost of Making a Will

We offer a transparent fee structure so that clients are fully aware of the cost of their legal services. You can read about our fees here. Please contact us for full details.

Do I Need a Will?

Over the course of our lives we tend to accumulate property, and this may inculde things like a house, money and personal possessions. In law, this is known as our estate and the decisions we make about what will happen to this when we pass away are recorded in a will.

However, if you pass away without a will, no one has any real evidence as to what your last wishes would have been. You may have intended for a significant portion of your estate to go to charity, or for a certain portion of money to be stored away to benefit your family, e.g. your children or grandchildren, later in their lives. If you haven’t made these intentions known in a will, there is nothing to tell anyone that these were your last wishes.

A consequence of dying without a will is that the courts will be forced to distribute your estate according to a set of rules under the law of intestacy. These rules are pre-established by law, which could result in your family missing out on the inheritance that you would have otherwise wished them to have.

Decide What Happens To Your Property

When a will is properly drafted and is valid, it is a legal document that tells your surviving family what is to be done with your property when you pass away. What happens to your property after you die is always dictated by succession law. However, a will allows you to have as much say as you can over who will inherit your estate.

It is also important to point out that with a will, you will be able to appoint someone to carry out your wishes. This person is known as your executor and they will be given legal responsibility for adhering to the terms of your will. You can choose someone who you trust to wind up your estate. Knowing that the responsibility has been left to someone you trust can give you added peace of mind. This is in direct contrast to the situation in intestacy, where the courts will appoint someone of their own choosing to distribute your property.

Contact Glasgow Will Lawyers

Our team of lawyers are highly experienced in all areas of wills and executry, and will be able to draft your Will with sufficient clarity to ensure that your wishes for your estate are clearly communicated. To find out more about how our team can help you, please contact us today.

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