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Power of Attorney Lawyers Glasgow

Power of Attoney Lawyer GlasgowPower of attorney gives another person power to make decisions on your behalf. Having a power of attorney in place can give you peace of mind about the future and can make things easier if you become unable to take care of your own affairs. To discuss power of attorney and find out how we can help, call us on 0141 280 2922 or contact us online.

Power of attorney is an agreement that gives someone else power over your affairs. The idea of giving someone legal responsibility for you can be rather daunting and raises many questions, including:

  • How much responsibility do I want to give up?
  • Who can I ask to act as my Attorney?
  • Were can I get guidance on the process of appointing an Attorney?

Our friendly and trusted solicitors understand that if you are considering granting someone Power of Attorney, you will have many questions and concerns. We handle all enquiries with confidentiality and consideration. Our friendly and approachable lawyers are committed to giving clear and affordable legal advice. We will work closely with you to find an arrangement that reflects your needs and wishes.

Who is a Power of Attorney For?

A Power of Attorney is a kind of agreement that allows you to identify someone you trust to take responsibility for certain aspects of your care. In most cases, a Power of Attorney will be used where someone is concerned that their advancing age or an illness will prevent them from being able to look after their own affairs. However, it is not uncommon that a Power of Attorney is used in assisting people that are living with a severe disability, or are occupied in a way that prevents them from managing their own affairs effectively.

What Kind of Authority Does a Power of Attorney Hold?

Creating a Power of Attorney essentially involves the transferring of responsibility from one person to another. In light of this, it is important to consider carefully how much responsibility is permitted to vest in another person in respect of your care. A Power of Attorney allows you to select someone you trust to take care of your affairs.

Will Power of Attorney Take Away My Independence?

The point about these documents is that they are not designed to infringe on your independence unnecessarily. They will only be used to support you, by identifying someone to take these decisions in your best interests, when you are no longer able to do so on your own.

As the granter of a Power of Attorney, you will have complete freedom to decide who should take up this role. You should take some time to consider who the best candidate is, and make them aware of what the role involves.

How Does Power of Attorney Work?

Depending on your circumstances, as the granter of the Power of Attorney, you have the option as to the kind of Power of Attorney that you use, including:

  • Welfare Power of Attorney - If you are specifically concerned about your long-term healthcare or decisions related to it, you could opt for a Welfare Power of Attorney. This allows for your Attorney to take those decisions for you when you are no longer able to do so yourself.
  • Financial Power of Attorney - This may be useful if your primary concerns are the management of money in the long term.
  • Combined Power of Attorney - This allows you to grant responsibility for both financial and healthcare related decisions.

Contact Glasgow Power of Attorney Lawyers Today

Family Law Glasgow have many years of experience with Powers of Attorney. We work to create a Power of Attorney that is clear and unambiguous, giving you peace of mind that your wishes have been accurately reflected in the document.

To find out more about how our team can help you with a Power of Attorney, please call us on 0141 280 2922 or contact us online.

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