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Gary Lineker Granted a 'Quickie' Divorce

Last week the former Leicester City, Barcelona and England striker, Gary Lineker, announced that he was divorcing his wife, Danielle Bux, who he had been married to since 2009. Lineker had previously been married to Michelle Cockayne, who he had four children with.

Reports have suggested that the split is due to the age gap between the couple. Bux is 36, and Linker was said to feel too old to start a new family at the age of 55.

Celebrity divorces are of course nothing new, but they are usually synonymous with a stressful court battle and press speculation about how much money one party may be in line for. In this case is the divorce appears to be amicable. This cannot be said of many high profile divorces. Linker issued a statement to say, ‘Thank you all for your kind words. Danielle Bux and I had many wonderful years together. We remain very close and the greatest of friends.' Danielle Bux reiterated this with, 'We have shared the most incredible 8 years that I will always cherish. We will remain the best of friends.’

The couple’s decision to opt for a ‘quickie’ divorce has attracted the attention of many commentators in the press. Some find it unusual that someone of Lineker’s wealth – thought to be around £30millon – would choose this option. In England and Wales a ‘quickie’ divorce is cheap, fast and can even be done without the help of a solicitor.

In Scotland, if you and your spouse are able to agree on the grounds for the divorce and the financial matters, you may be able to get a ‘quickie’ divorce.

Separation Agreements

Although not necessary to divorce in Scotland, many couples start the process with a separation agreement, also called a Minute of Agreement. This is a contract that settles the practicalities of separation such as who the children will stay with, how household bills will be paid and what will happen to any savings the couple had. Some couples come to an informal agreement between themselves, but given that a separation agreement is a legally enforceable document that governs what happens to your children and finances, you may wish to seek advice from a specialist family lawyer before you sign anything. Having a separation agreement in place will often make a later divorce quicker and cheaper as all of the principal matters will have been settled.

Quickie Divorce in Scotland

To divorce in Scotland, you will need to demonstrate that your marriage has ‘irretrievably’ broken down. This can be shown by separation for one year when both parties consent to the divorce, separation for two years, adultery or unreasonable behaviour.

The divorce procedure that you can follow will depend on your precise circumstances. If you have no children under the age of 16, are divorcing on the basis of non-cohabitation, and neither party is making a claim for financial provision, you can get a DIY or ‘quickie’ divorce. This procedure is quick and inexpensive.

Ultimately, the more you are your spouse are able to work together, communicate and agree, the easier a divorce will be and the faster you will conclude matters.

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