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Glasgow Divorce Statistics Revealed in New Government Survey

The Scottish Government recently released statistics on divorce rates throughout Scotland. The data came from the Scottish Survey’s Core Questions which pooled three major surveys. With 21,000 people interviewed, this is one of the largest surveys of its kind in Scotland and hopes to produce unprecedented insights into the lives of Scots.

The survey revealed that divorce rates in Glasgow are at 3.6 percent, slightly above the 2.8 percent national average. However, Glasgow ranks behind Shetland, South Lanarkshire and Perth and Kinross as the area with the highest divorce rate.

The data also revealed that Glasgow has the highest rate of non-married people, with 47.2 percent of adults in Glasgow describing themselves as “never married singles”.

Whilst marriage rates are falling, numbers of cohabiting families are continuing to rise. In 2012 there were 5.9 million people cohabiting in the UK, double the 1996 figure. This trend is predicted to continue.

Stuart Valentine, the Chief Executive of Relationships Scotland – an organisation that provides relationship counselling and family support, pointed to modern technology as putting extra pressure on relationships.

He said, “The normal issues of relationship difficulties can come from a whole range of different factors – from compatibility issues to infidelity, to financial pressures.

“But new technology can put an additional strain on relationships in terms of the availability of meeting other people through the internet, internet pornography – the issue of sex on the internet can be very difficult for couples.”

The Citizens Advice Bureau also voiced concerns about the high rates of divorce in some parts of the country.

Divorcing in Scotland

In Scotland most separating couples will start divorce proceedings with a Minute of Agreement. This is more commonly referred to as a Separation Agreement and is a contract that sets out the terms of the separation. A Minute of Agreement will typically cover what will happen to the property the couple lived in, the separation of debts and savings and the living arrangements for any children of the couple.

A Separation Agreement is likely to be held as legally binding and enforceable by the courts, so you may wish to consult with an experienced family lawyer before you come to any arrangement about your home and finances.

The most common ground for divorce in Scotland is “irretrievable breakdown”. This can be proved by living apart for one year if both parties agree to the divorce, living apart for two years if one party does not agree to the divorce, unreasonable behaviour or adultery.

The divorce procedure that you follow will depend upon your circumstances. A Simplified, or “quickie” divorce is available to couples who have no children under the age of sixteen and can agree about the terms of the divorce. This procedure can be quick and inexpensive.

Couples who do not meet this criteria would follow the Ordinary Procedure.

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