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Building successful step-family relationships

Recent research from Brigham Young University has looked at factors that can influence the success of step-family relationships, and in particular between step-fathers and step-children.

It found there were three key steps to helping to ensure the success of the relationship:

  • The mother and stepfather keep arguments to a minimum.
  • Mothers encourage the children to share their frustrations.
  • Agreement between the mother and stepfather on how to parent.

“Family roles can be negotiated and there is going to be some bumpiness,” said BYU professor Kevin Shafer. “The notion that couples should put the couple first and everything else will fall into place is false.”

According to Shafer, there are two common mistakes couples make during the family transition. Firstly, they act as if nothing has changed and the stepfather is just a replacement for the biological father rather than an addition to the family. Secondly, the mother takes on the parenting role single-handed.

One a more positive note, families that communicate openly and minimise arguments can achieve greater closeness, regardless of their level of income or education.

“It really is the interpersonal dynamic that predicts family closeness,” Shafer said. “You can build these bonds in spite of financial challenges.”

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