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If you are considering getting a divorce from your spouse or a dissolution from your civil partner, it is important to consider how best to go about doing so. In some cases, a couple may experience difficulties in securing a divorce or dissolution, particularly where there is a dispute or if one party will not agree to end the relationship. If this is the case, it is vital that you find a way to reach agreement on matters.

Working with lawyers to resolve a dispute regarding divorce, or any other family matter, does not need to involve courtroom litigation. Increasingly, a number of disputes, particularly those concerning family relationships, are better dealt with outside of court with no formal procedures and tight deadlines. It is in these cases that collaborative law can be a very effective tool.

What is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative law, or collaborative practice, is a relatively new dispute resolution tool, and is quite different to traditional methods. It involves your working in partnership with your solicitor, and entering into direct discussions with the person that you have a dispute with. This normally involves both parties meeting in the office of one of their solicitor’s, and everyone coming together to find a solution to a problem by working together.

With collaborative law, you are involved in the entire process. Traditionally, dispute resolution of any kind was left to lawyers. However, with collaborative law you will work with your solicitor to attempt to resolve the dispute. The idea is to take the aggression out of dispute resolution, and afford both parties more control. It also avoids the need for families to be exposed to more formal court based procedure.

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If you are interested in collaborative law, it is advised that you instruct a solicitor with experience in the process, and who can assist you in negotiating with the other party to resolve the dispute. The team at Glasgow Family Law are friendly family solicitors who are regularly involved in using collaborative law. We believe it is important to engage our clients fully in the dispute resolution process, affording them maximum control over their own affairs.

If you would like to know more about how collaborative law can be used to help you, contact us now on 0141 280 2922 or fill out our online enquiry form.

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