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Separation Agreement Lawyer GlasgowA separation agreement can allow you and your former partner to settle the day to day practicalities of separation and can make a future divorce cheaper and easier. Contact our friendly team today to find out how we can help you. You can call us on 0141 280 2922 or complete our online enquiry form.

Family Law Glasgow appreciate that family law touches some of the most personal parts of our lives. We treat all enquiries with confidentiality and professionalism. As experienced divorce lawyers we appreciate the distress and upset that can be caused to the whole family. We do everything we can to make this time easier for you.

If you are thinking about separating from your partner then you many have considered divorce. A separation agreement is another possibility you may wish to consider as it can help to avoid a lengthy court battle and it allows separating couples to come to a mutually agreeable settlement through negotiation.

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Family Law Glasgow are experts in all areas of family law, including Guardianship Orders, wills and Powers of Attorney.

What is a Separation Agreement?

A separation agreement is a legally enforceable document that expresses what will happen to the matrimonial property – property owned at the date of separation – of the separating couple and issues such as child contact and residency. This is also called a Minute of Agreement and is achieved through a process of negotiation by the separating couple and their solicitors. Both separating partners will have their lawyer calculate the value of the matrimonial property and then go through a process of splitting their assets. Common agreements include what will happen to pensions, mortgages and child care costs.

A major benefit of this procedure is that it allows you to come to a mutually agreeable settlement.

Another useful feature of separation agreements is that while they are most often used by a couple at the end of their relationship, they can also be used to pre-empt any breakdown of the relationship. A couple who are at the beginning of their relationship can agree what should happen in the event that their relationship should ever breakdown. It may seem strange to think about the end of your relationship when you are just getting started and are planning for your future together. However, his forward planning can help to alleviate many of the stresses that are common when a relationship ends.

Avoiding Court

As separation can be such a difficult time for all involved, many separating couples are keen to avoid a long and expensive court battle. Court can be a very stressful place and a separation agreement will allow you to stay out of court. A separation agreement allows you to work with your solicitors reach a negotiated settlement that suits each party.

Keeping Costs Down

A separation agreement will often be a more cost effective option than a divorce. A separation agreement can remove the need for costly and lengthy court litigation.

A further benefit of a separation agreement is that if you decide to divorce at some point in the future, the separation agreement can allow the divorce to proceed uncontested. This could help to make the divorce cheaper and easier when the time comes.

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